A Great Reason to Reprint This Photo
The two eldest sons of Governor J. Fife Symington III last made news in 1995, when it was revealed they had been ticketed by Scottsdale cops for urinating in public. Now, apparently, they've zipped their flies and gone entrepreneurial.

With Dad in bankruptcy proceedings and besieged by lawyers, it's no surprise the young Symingtons need to raise their own spending money. And given Dad's track record, it's also not a shock that they've struck out on a career path of their own, shunning land development in favor of a simpler business.

According to the Arizona Corporation Commission, J. Fife Symington IV and Scott H. Symington are co-directors of Fruit Stand Inc., an Arizona corporation devoted to the retail sale of dried fruits and nuts. One Fruit Stand is already up and running at Superstition Springs Center.

No word on how sales are going, but if things get slow, Dad will certainly know how to use the leftovers.

Ask It of the Judge
Most of Maricopa County's Superior Court judges and commissioners filled out a questionnaire recently for the county bar association. The booklet asked the jurists questions that ranged beyond the simply biographical. The jurists, being lawyers, gave answers that were not always responsive. So The Flash has been forced to provide some Instant Cross-examination.

Bar Question: Do you have family members who work in the legal arena?
Judge Cheryl Hendrix: No, but dog graduated 2nd in class in doggie obedience school.

Flash Cross: And the County Attorney's Office wouldn't hire it?
Bar Question: Please list and describe any conduct or practices by counsel of which you particularly disapprove or find upsetting.

Judge Armando de Leon: Negative facial expressions indicating disbelief in connection with rulings of court and/or attempting to argue with the court once ruling is made on objection.

Presiding juvenile judge John Foreman: Asking questions like, 'If Mr. X said A, would he be lying?'

Flash Cross: If lawyers couldn't argue, make faces and ask misleading questions, would they exist?

Bar Question: Please evaluate yourself as a judge.
Judge William Moroney: I am wise, perceptive, considerate, erudite, patient, compassionate and I am always right.

Flash Cross: So how has the world been treating you, Mr. X?
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