Big Flack Attack
The following exchange occurred March 4 between a New Times reporter and Don "Don" Harris, former Arizona Republic reporter turned state Department of Commerce public information minister and obstructionist. Harris projects information like Bob Dole projects warmth.

We join the conversation in progress, with New Times asking about data requested four days earlier. Let's listenin ...

New Times: I was wondering if you have gotten that information.
Harris: I do not. I did not. I have not.
NT: Do you intend to get any of that?
Harris: I intend to try.
NT: Okay. Do you have any idea when that might appear?
Harris: No.
NT: On another matter, did you get Super Bowl tickets?
Harris: Excuse me?
NT: Did you receive Super Bowl tickets? To go to the game?
Harris: I don't know.
NT: You don't know if you went to the game?
Harris: I don't know. I don't know if I have to answer that.
NT: Well, why not?

Harris: I did not receive tickets from the Commerce Department, if that's your question. Is that your question?

NT: Did you receive tickets ...?
Harris: Is that your question? What is your question?
NT: Did you receive tickets ...?
Harris: Did I go to the Super Bowl?
NT: Did you go to the Super Bowl?
Harris: Yes.
NT: From whom did you receive the tickets?
Harris: I don't have to tell you. They were not public tickets.

NT: They were not public tickets. They were given to you? (Long pause.) Yes? No?

Harris: Hum. Hum.
NT: They were given to you?
Harris: I don't believe I have to answer that.

NT: You don't believe you have to answer that. But they weren't public tickets. Did they come through GPEC [Greater Phoenix Economic Council]?

Harris: I don't believe I have to answer that.
Tune in next week when we ask Don for all his office phone records for the past two years.

Playing Hardball at Gentle Strength
Who's minding the co-op? Good question--and one to which the Gentle Strength Co-op still isn't officially providing any answers after a mini-coup d'etat that forced Tempe's landmark health-food store to close for four hours on February 28.

Still, sources close to the tofu tell The Flash that last week's shutdown is just the latest chapter in a long-simmering natural-food fight among a handful of members that threatens to turn the once-Edenesque emporium into a Woodstock-nation war zone. Insiders report that the lockout was instigated by a group of sympathetic staffers reacting to a radical faction's recent bylaw overhaul--a controversial move (since rescinded) that prevented the store's management team from hiring, firing, writing checks, signing invoices or doing much of anything else that managers do.

None of the key players returned phone calls. But when casually quizzed about what went down, co-op clerks cheerfully attributed the shutdown to everything from an "operational crisis" to "membership weirdness."

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