Flood of Applications for Phoenix City Council Vacancy


We warned you that the Phoenix City Council's selection of a replacement for departing Councilman Greg Stanton (pictured) was no done deal -- but even we didn't realize just how popular this position would be.

Minutes before the official day's-end deadline, workers at the city clerk's office told us they'd received applications from sixteen District Six residents, including former city council members Sal DiCiccio, Kathy Dubs, and Gary Peter Klahr.

The candidates also include two former cops, Christopher Gentis and Walter D. Robinson, and Scott Jacobson, the former director of Valley Leadership. (We've been bombarded with emails from friends and acquaintances who looooove Jacobson. A former APS executive, he's apparently a bit of a man about town and very popular with the arts community.)

Other names you may know: Chris DeRose, a GOP lawyer who ran for state rep a few years back, and Dana Kennedy, who runs a group devoted to getting more women into elected office.

Here's the other applicants, according to our list: Michael N. Widener, Marvin E. Millsap, Corey J. Sanders, Ephram Cordova, Robert M. Frank, Lawrence M. Cutler, Michael P. Hintz, Michael T. Cowley. That's quite a list, eh?

It will be interesting to watch how this all plays out next Tuesday. In the mean time, we'd be remiss not to point New Times readers toward this fascinating, if slightly nauseating, profile of Gary Peter Klahr from 2002.

More recently, Klahr sued Mayor Phil Gordon over the city's immigration policy -- so we think it's pretty safe to say the lefty lawyer is a bit of a longshot to get the nod from Gordon and the Council. But who knows ... maybe they're in a forgiving mood?

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