Florida Governor Charlie Crist Trying to Steal Chicago Cubs Spring Training From Mesa. Back Off, Crist!

Florida Governor Charlie Crist met with Chicago Cubs president Crane Kenney, chairman Tom Ricketts, and other team officials to try to lure the team away from their spring training home in Mesa and have them set up shop in Naples, Florida.

"We like palm trees better than cactus, and hope that the Cubs might too," Crist tells the Associated Press.

We got news for you, Crist -- we got palm trees, too.

Crist says he is willing to do whatever it takes to "woo" the lovable losers and their Chi-town fans away from the team's long-time Mesa spring-training facilities and set them up in Naples.

Ricketts says palm trees will not play a roll in the team's decision, and he is more concerned with finding the best-quality facility for the team.

The city of Mesa has been working hard to keep the Cubbies in the Valley and are trying to build the team a new stadium.

The Cubs, who haven't won a World Series in more than a century, are expected to make their decision in the next few months.

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