"Fluffy Bunny Crew" One of Three Street Gangs Busted by DPS

In the past, criminal street gangs have used names that strike fear in the hearts of their rivals. The Bloods, the Crips, the Jets, the Sharks -- all have an intimidating connotation.

As for Scottsdale's latest group of thugs -- busted today as part of the Department of Public Safety's "Operation Triple Threat"-- not so much.

The "Fluffy Bunny Crew" is one of three criminal street gangs busted as part of the DPS' latest gangster roundup, but don't let the wimpy name fool you -- according to DPS officials, these are some pretty bad dudes.

DPS spokesman Steve Harrison tells New Times the gang is called the "Fluffy Bunnies" so that after they beat the crap out of somebody and that person has to tell their friends they got their asses kicked by a couple of "fluffy bunnies."

Gang assaults and home invasions aside -- at least these guys have a sense of humor.

The "Fluffy Bunnies" were part of a larger organization made up of what DPS officials are calling "party crews" coming out of Valley high schools.

Harrison says three "party crews," which came out of Sandra Day O'Connor, Cactus Shadow, and North Canyon high schools, progressed from three groups of party-crashers into a single, organized street-gang -- responsible for drug-dealing, home invasions, and robbery.

Harrison says the three "party crews" began as rivals but came together under the auspices of white supremacy. He says the gang isn't technically considered a white-supremacist organization but that white supremest ideals are what brought the three crews together.

DPS has been watching the gang for more than a year and has seen it go from committing smaller crimes, like serving booze to minors, to more serious offenses, like armed-robbery, kidnapping, and countless assaults.

Harrison says gang members are involved in dealing drugs and have been busted with guns, including an assault rifle and a sawed-off shotgun.

Over the past two days, DPS officers, in collaboration with several other law-enforcement agencies, have taken 22 gang members into custody and have warrants for three additional suspects.

Search warrants have uncovered the recovery of stolen property, 1,017 tablets of Soma, 200 tablets of Xanax, 90 tablets of Valium, and 70 Neo-Pircodan, as well as a collection of weapons and body armor.

Along with the "Fluffy Bunnies," members of the "Dirty White Boyz" were also busted in the sweep.

With pussy names like these, they might as well start a boy band.

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