Footage of Phoenix Cop on Horseback Pepper Spraying Anarchists

A YouTube video by "dorkatron" showing a cop on horseback deploying her pepper spray

I was just sent a link to this YouTube video above showing the female officer on horseback from Saturday's march, pepper-spraying the anarchists who've surrounded her. At least, they appear to be mostly anarchists, with clichéd black flags and so forth.

Unfortunately, the video is very shaky. Ideally it would be helpful to see what happened a little before the video starts and a little closer in. Did the anarchists assault the officer? She was certainly surrounded by them at one point. 

She is not charging the crowd, nor does she appear to be acting aggressively, but one wonders why she was in their midst at all. At some point, I would like to interview the officer to hear her take on the incident and hear why she felt she had to deploy pepper spray.

I think it's inaccurate to say that the officer intentionally pepper sprayed little children, as some have contended. However, that was a consequence of her deploying her pepper spray, as the pepper spray itself is obviously quite potent. Also, other police officers deployed pepper spray afterwards, though this is not shown by this video.

Some of those jailed have been released, and I'd like to interview them as well. I will try to get up with them as soon as I can. If anyone wishes to contact me, e-mail me at stephen.lemons@newtimes.com.

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