For Sheriff Arpaio, Protesters Laid Out Red Carpet -- of New Times Issues Criticizing His Office

We don't know whether Sheriff Joe Arpaio read last week's New Times article about his lovey-dovey top commanders -- but we know he saw it.

Demonstrators laid out a couple of dozen copies of the issue during a protest of a Tea Party rally at the State Capitol last week, and Arpaio walked on them after making a speech.

The Love Connection cover was fitting as an ironic red carpet for Arpaio: The tale of love and corruption among his top officers is worthy material for Hollywood.

Jose Munoz, the photographer who took these shots, tells us that the protesters -- being fans of the article -- put the issues where they figured Arpaio would walk on his way out.



Arpaio smiles in one picture as he looks down at the New Times' cover, which makes us think he liked the story. And what's not to like? Assuming Arpaio didn't know his top aides were committing an illegal end-run around campaign-finance laws as they sent love letters to each other, he must have appreciated learning just how whacked was his command staff was.

Or maybe Arpaio thought that by walking on the issues, he was somehow dissing New Times and the notion that his office should be criticized.

That might be reading too much into the two-second scene, but the symbology is interesting.



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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.