For the Second Time This Week, a Valley Police Department Says it Found a Meth/Child Combo

This weekend, Phoenix police arrested 33-year-old David Denton after allegedly leaving his meth and heroin stash with his 6-year-old kiddo so he could jump off a third-story balcony to avoid the cops.

This morning, a Peoria police official says the SWAT team served a search warrant on a house, where cops found meth, weed, and -- sure enough -- a 5-year-old kid.

Peoria police spokesman Jay Davies tells New Times neighbors were calling police about suspicious activity at the house, including cars parking there for a few minutes and just meeting briefly with the two adults who lived there before leaving again.

The house had no running water or electricity, the yard was unkempt, and Davies describes the outside of the house as something "you would call disheveled."

The adult residents of the house, Allan and Michelle Escalante, were arrested after the SWAT team rolled in and found a "small amount" of meth and weed, as well as some drug paraphernalia, police say.

Aside from her parents just being picked up for allegedly keeping their kids and drugs at the same place, Davies says the youngster appeared to be OK.

The girl was home when the SWAT team served the warrant, but nobody was injured and the girl was turned over to a family member.

Police say CPS is being notified.

Aside from the dangerous drug possession, marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia possession, and child endangerment charges the Escalantes face, Davies says the city's code enforcement came out to hang the "do not occupy" sign on the house.

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