Feathered Bastard

Forecast for the Feathered Bastard, and Free Speech Radio News Covers the Wells Fargo Siege.

FSRN's Aura Bogado takes on Maricopa County's tin-pot tyrant in a new series.

Feathered Bastard readers can expect mild to light blogging through the middle of next week, with occasional showers of sarcasm and cynicism in the late afternoons, and winds of discontent blowing at record speeds as long as Sheriff Joe Arpaio remains this county's corrupt top cop.

Speaking of our old pal Arpayaso (payaso meaning "clown" en Espanol), Free Speech Radio News reporter Aura Bogado was in town recently and interviewed Joe for a series she's doing on Maricopa County and the political and ethnic tensions therein. Joe told her he doesn't even know what racial profiling means, or why these silly protesters led by Sal Reza are out in front of the Wells Fargo building every weekday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., giving him heck. Wells Fargo is where the sheriff's posh offices are located, of course. And Sal and his merry band of pranksters want to force the bank to evict Arpaio's flaccid, wrinkled fanny.

Bogado does an excellent job of describing the battle lines of the Wells Fargo siege, and I'll be looking forward to her other reports in this series.

FSRN also has an excellent segment from journo Katharine Jarmul debunking this ginned up controversy over ACORN's voter registration campaign. Looks like the GOP is prepping for an Obama win, and laying the groundwork for denying the legitimacy of his impending presidency. In other words, even the Republitards know that McCain's a goner.

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