Former County Attorney Rick Romley endorses Dan Saban for Sheriff. (w/UPDATE)

Just got this press release from the Saban camp announcing that former Republican County Attorney Rick Romley is endorsing now-Democrat Dan Saban for Sheriff in '08 over Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I'm on deadline right now and don't have time to follow-up, but I'll call Romley in the A.M. to confirm. On the one hand it's not surprising considering the fact that Romley and Arpaio despise each other more than Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly. On the other hand, Romley is crossing party lines to endorse ex-GOPer Saban. Romley's cool like that, though. More tomorrow.

UPDATE (9/9/07 12:35 p.m.): Talked to Romley this morning, and he confirmed that he believes Saban's the right man for the job and explained why. He also dishes on Candy "Babyface" Thomas, the immigration issue, and why he's crossed party lines on the Saban endorsement. I'll post the interview as soon as I can get it typed up. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rick Romley Endorses Dan Saban for Sheriff Right Choice for Public Safety

(PHOENIX) October 9, 2007: Former Maricopa County Attorney, Richard Romley has endorsed Dan Saban for Maricopa County Sheriff. Stating the need for a renewed focus on public safety at the leadership level, Romley praised Saban as a man of character and integrity.

The endorsement, coming one year from the general election, demonstrates Romley’s view that Maricopa County residents should be concerned about the lack of public safety services they receive under the current sheriff administration.

Romley’s support is significant because he is a respected veteran of the criminal justice profession. Just like a medical doctor would prescribe a treatment for an ailment, Rick Romley’s fix is for Maricopa County residents to elect Dan Saban to lead their public safety services organization.

Romley expressed his perspective in this way, “When one endorses a person for Sheriff, I have always believed that the critical question is whether that individual will ensure the public's safety. I have worked with Dan for a number of years and he is the clear choice.”

Saban is proud to have Romley standing with him, “To have the professional support of a good man like Rick Romley gives voters the confidence to make a needed change in the Sheriff’s Office.”

Additionally, Romley, a life-long Republican, had no reservations about endorsing Saban, the Democrat. Romley summed it up by saying, “Party politics do not play a role when you are protecting the public’s safety.”

Saban, a 31-year law enforcement veteran is currently police chief of the Town of Buckeye. His forward thinking policing focus has been recognized valley wide for its success. Saban has also been endorsed by the Goodyear Police Officers Association.

For more on the American Lawman Campaign go to www.sabanforsheriff.com.

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