Former Female Bank Teller Arrested for String of Bank Robberies

We hear stories about bank robberies almost every day in the Valley, but it's not too often that the suspect in the robberies is a former bank teller. Almost as infrequently is the suspect a woman.

Danyelle Gerrie, 25, allegedly is the exception to the apparent rule.

Gerrie was arrested yesterday for a string of armed bank robberies in Phoenix.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Steve Martos says Gerrie committed three bank robberies at a Chase Bank at 7th Street and Bell Road, a Compass Bank at 32nd Street and Bell; and the Arizona Central Credit Union at 33rd Street and Bell.

Martos wouldn't say what led police to Gerrie but says after she was identified, she was monitored by police.

Last night, as officers were monitoring Gerrie, Martos says she was pulled over while driving her car and arrested.

In each of the robberies, Gerrie had a getaway driver.

The driver apparently had no knowledge that the banks were being robbed while Gerrie was inside.

The driver was arrested on outstanding warrants.

Gerrie's been charged with armed robbery of a financial institution.

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