Former Jehovah's Witness Elder Pleads Guilty to Charges He Played Strip Poker With 14-Year-Old Boy

David Nelson, the former Jehovah's Witness elder arrested last year for playing strip poker (among other things) with a 14-year-old boy, pleaded guilty this morning to two counts of sexual conduct with a minor stemming from incidents dating back to 1980.

Nelson, the former leader of the Madison Park Congregation Church near 16th Street and Earll Drive in Phoenix, was arrested in November for molesting a boy he met through the church in 1980.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, in September of 1980, when he was 33-years-old, Nelson had the 14-year-old victim -- described as "a close family friend" -- over to his house on at least two occasions to play cards. Nelson's rules are different than, say, Vegas' -- the loser in his game is required to pull out his penis and show it to the winner.

As the games progressed, the stakes got higher and the loser was required to touch the winner's penis with his hand.

According to the court docs, both Nelson and the victim touched each other's genitals.

As the game progressed further, the stakes got even higher. By the end of the games, the loser had to perform oral sex on the winner, which happened, the report claims, on at least two occasions.

According to the report, the first time Nelson performed oral sex on the victim, he hummed as he went to the bathroom to wash the victim's semen out of his mouth.

Nelson was only caught because during a recent phone call with the victim, he admitted to the blowjobs and to playing strip poker with the boy. The conversation was recorded and given to police.

Nelson's sentencing is scheduled for April 7.

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