Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas Doesn't Want Cameras in Ethics Violation Hearings; "They Would Turn the Case into a Three-Ring Circus"

Would you be surprised if we told you former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas is trying to hide something from the public?

As Thomas faces possible disbarment -- stemming from 32 alleged ethical violations ranging from prosecutorial misconduct, perjury, and conspiracy to violate people's civil rights -- he doesn't want to let you know how disbarment proceedings go down.

Thomas entered a request today to ban cameras from hearings in the case against him, invoking a complaint of confidentiality.

One of Thomas' attorneys tells the Associated Press that bringing cameras into the hearings "would turn the case into a three-ring circus" -- which is a bit ironic considering the former County Attorney's political career.

Lawyers for the station that requested to have cameras in the hearings -- KPNX -- argue that Thomas already held a news conference to refute the allegations against him. So the confidentiality argument doesn't really fly.

Back in December, a probable-cause panelist from the Arizona State Supreme Court ordered the disciplinary procedures to begin against both Thomas and his former deputy, Lisa Aubuchon, recommending disbarment if the allegations were proven.

Read the rest of the back story on the allegations against Thomas and Aubuchon in Feathered Bastard.

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Matthew Hendley
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