Former Mayor Phil Gordon's Years-Old Security-Detail Logs Finally Released; Don't Reveal Much We Didn't Already Know

Phoenix has made public portions of the logs that former Mayor Phil Gordon's security-detail once maintained to track how they spent their time.

Though much anticipated, the documents hardly read like declassified top-secret Pentagon documents. Partly because their release comes more than two years after they were originally requested.

Names and specific addresses are redacted from the report. What remains in the 400-plus-page log created between December 2007 to November 2009 is a lot of what we have already been able to figure out: Gordon spent a lot of time with Elissa Mullany, his political-fundraiser-turned-financial-benefactor-of-his-office-and-love-interest.

Now -- years later -- that's hardly a smoking gun.

But think about the situation in 2008: Gordon is recently separated, tells the Arizona Republic that he and his wife are going through marriage counseling and trying to reconcile their then 14-year marriage ... and all the while, he's spending a considerable amount of time at Mullany's place on Oregon Avenue.

In the end, the documents show that Mullany was more than just Gordon's chief fundraiser while she was collecting hefty sums of money from his various political funds.

Political campaign reports show that on March 9, 2009, Gordon made a $20,000 payment to Mullany's company from one of his political accounts simply for "administration."

A few weeks later, on March 25, 2009, at 8:20 p.m., the logs say of Gordon's whereabouts: "Oregon drop for night."

The mayor's security team is charged with looking out for the mayor, and though it isn't indicated in these logs, Gordon was reportedly always in tow as others, including his girlfriend, were picked up and dropped off.

One night, after the couple has dinner, the security detail picks up Mullany's son and his babysitter (the location is redacted) and drops them off at Mullany's house. There's no mention of where the couple goes, but several hours later, at about 10 p.m., the security-detail cop drops off Mullany, picks up the babysitter and takes her home and then drops off the Mayor.

Interesting given questions about Gordon's use of the taxpayer-funded security detail.

Another log shows that Mullany was picked up at the airport and taken home. Gordon's people at the time said that Mullany happened to be arriving at the airport as Gordon was being dropped off. She was apparently offered a ride home since it was on the security officer's way home.

Hardly scandalous today, but they are still tidbits worth noting. The public's perception of how Gordon managed his office will no doubt influence the current mayor and future mayors who would prefer to avoid such scrutiny.

The release of the reports are a victory for Judicial Watch, a conservative think tank based in Washington, D.C., which started it's fight to gain access to the reports in December 2009.

Despite requests by several media outlets, Phoenix officials said that releasing any of the information contained in the security-detail logs would prove hazardous to Gordon, his security and his ability to freely meet with people and conduct city business.

Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against the city, lost the first round, but eventually emerged victorious on appeal.

Here's the letter Phoenix sent to Judicial Watch notifying them of the availability of the records.

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