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Former Mesa Teacher Admits to Having Sex With Student

A former teacher at a Mesa high school admitted to police today that he's been having sex with a student for nearly a month.

Ray Hutson, a 36-year-old former teacher at Mountain View High School in Mesa, was arrested this morning after the 16-year-old victim told her parents the two had been having sex.

Mesa police Detective Steve Berry tells New Times the bust went down around 3:30 a.m. today after the victim's parents called police late last night.

According to Berry, Hutson met the victim while he was either student-teaching or worked was a substitute teacher at the girl's school.

Berry says the two exchanged phone numbers and began calling and text-messaging each other about three months ago.

The relationship, Berry says, turned sexual last month.

Police say the girl's parents started getting suspicious when the victim began coming home from work late with no explanation as to where she'd been.

The parents, police say, had also been suspicious of someone named Ray with whom their daughter had been talking on the phone and hanging out.

That "Ray" the parents had apparently heard so much about turned out to be Hutson -- their daughter's 36-year-old former teacher.

According to police, Ray admitted to the relationship with the girl after police paid him a visit early this morning.

Hutson was taken into custody on five counts of sexual conduct with a minor.

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