Former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson's Shocking Reveal: Gordon Has One of the "Best Legacies"

The Arizona Republic took a look at what Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon hopes to accomplish in the final months of his time in office.

It was a sweet piece looking at how Gordon is trying to execute his lofty goals in the scant nine months he has in office.

And what a shocker that Paul Johnson, a longtime BFF of Gordon, offered this quote: "Phil has one of the best legacies of any mayor I know. Sometimes, he doesn't recognize that."

One of the best legacies ... ?

What else would you expect from such a loyal friend and former-mayor-turned-developer?

Aside from the fact that Gordon and Johnson have referred to each other as best friends, the Johnson household has reaped financial benefits from the Mayor's Office.

Johnson's wife, Patty, pulled in more than $160,000 from 2008 to 2009 from the mayor's State of Downtown fund, which gets donations from private corporations and developers. In exchange for her hefty salary? She promotes downtown and coordinate events.  

We just thought that was worth a mention.

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