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Former Tent City Resident Gets Tattoo of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Kissing His Ass -- On His Ass

A former inmate in Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's infamous Tent City has decided to show America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" how he really feels about his incarceration with a well-placed tattoo.

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Jeff Jacobson, 23, of Phoenix, was in the tents from May 18, to June 19, on a burglary charge and tells New Times that while on work-release, he had his brother tattoo a picture of the sheriff kissing his ass -- on his ass.

"At this point in my life, [Arpaio's] the current enemy," Jacobson says before acknowledging that Arpaio had nothing to do with his conviction.

"It's Sheriff Joe's clown convention that pisses me off," he continues. "I probably should have got a little more time for what I did but I was in there with guys who are there indefinitely because they didn't pay child support. It's crazy."

There's probably better ways to air a grievance with an enemy than having his mug permanently sketched on your ass, but Jacobson says other inmates seemed to love his new ink, joking that every time he farted Arpaio was speaking.

Jacobson says now that he's been released, he plans to stay on the straight and narrow and plans to move to Indiana -- once his probation officer approves -- where he has family for a "fresh start" and to "get the fuck away from Arpaio."

Um, we're not sure who's the bigger ass here, as in dumb.

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