Fox 10 Falls Head Over Heels For Mail-Order Bride Service on Valentine's Day

Fox 10 (KPAZ) reported last night that the "business of love" is "booming" in these hard times -- in the form of increased mail-order "relationships."

Who says romance is dead?

(See the Fox 10 video below).

The TV station focused its report on local pimps matchmakers who run a Web site called "A Foreign Affair," hosted at the cringe-worthy loveme.com.

Their site offers what it calls "romance tours" to countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and Ukraine, that last anywhere from eight to 22 days and offer a smorgasbord of starving women desperate to escape their countries women looking for soulmates.

In addition, the group sells "Foreign Bride 101" instruction PDFs, which are "A How to For Nice Guys," and a "Do It Yourself Fiancee Visa Kit."

Here at New Times, we hope you enjoyed your fake holiday Valentine's Day yesterday, preferably with a woman you met in the first world, or at least without searching through an online database.

Perhaps more appalling than the station's head-over-heels report on a Web site that knows as much about love as a scorpion in the desert is the fact that it didn't note any criticism of such services until the very end of their broadcast.

"But not everyone is a fan of the international matchmaking business," they wrote in the Web version of the story. "The Tahirih Justice Center believes foreign brides are particularly vulnerable to abuse once they come to America. Not all of those relationships have a happy ending."

Of course, anyone who watched the broadcast knows that men on the site simply appreciate "the traditional values these women bring. They're family oriented." Those Tahirih Justice Center people ought to be less cynical about love so pure and true.

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