Fox Sports Arizona Freelancer Greets Cops Investigating Indecent Exposure On 4/20 With Marijuana Pipe In Hand

Delarndrus Nashid Shabazz lives casual, clothing-optional, which gets him into trouble at the Valle Escondido Condominiums as he allegedly walks around his girlfriend's condominium exposing himself to teenagers and middle aged women alike.

According to court records obtained by New Times, Shabazz is an employee of Fox Sports Arizona, the cable sports channel. His neighbors have been reporting his exhibitionism to their HOA for two years, according to his arrest report, before finally calling the cops. When they showed up at his door to arrest him on probable cause for indecent exposure, Shabazz greeted them with a marijuana pipe in hand and weed in his front pocket.

At least he didn't show them his penis.

Updated after the jump: Fox Sports Arizona got back to us about Shabazz.

The police report details several instances of indecent exposure by the defendant. In 2009, he reportedly exposed himself to a 16-year old girl, who looked away to avoid seeing his penis.

In August 2010, he exposed himself to a 35-year old woman walking down the stairs. She did see his penis.

This March, he exposed his buttocks to a resident, who avoided seeing his "anus," and then, a week later, while standing on his patio, he showed his penis to another neighbor, who did see his penis.

The police seek charges of indecent exposure.

We called Fox Sports Arizona to confirm that Shabazz works for them but have not heard back as of press time.

8:30 PM update: Brett Hansen, Fox Sports Arizona Director of Communications and Marketing, sent us the following message this evening:

The name was not familiar so I had to do some checking on him. He is a freelancer who works event productions, so he is not a full-time FOX Sports Arizona employee.

We have replaced him for upcoming events.

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