Frank Morris Evades Police Pursuit -- Then Crashes Car Into Pole

Frank Morris, 19, of Casa Grande, managed to escape a police pursuit early Tuesday morning. He would have gotten away scot free, but unfortunately for Morris, he didn't manage to avoid hitting a pole once police called off the pursuit.

About 4:30 Tuesday morning, a Pinal County sheriff's deputy tried to pull Morris over in his car for having canceled insurance.

Morris tried to run -- and was almost successful.

Once Morris started driving recklessly, the deputy abandoned the pursuit. Morris, however, crashed into a utility poll on Bianco Road shortly after the deputy gave up.

The deputy came across the wreck, and saw Morris get out of the car and try to run through the desert. The deputy gave chase.

During the foot pursuit, Morris dropped a loaded .45-caliber pistol. He was apprehended a few hundred yards from the wreck.

Known to have gang ties, Morris had several warrants (two felony and three misdemeanor) for his arrest.

Morris was booked into the Pinal County Jail for the warrants. Additionally, he was booked on one count each of felony flight, possession of marijuana, criminal damage, felony misconduct with a weapon, and possession of a weapon during a drug offense. 

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