Fred DuVal Now Being Attacked en español for Tuition Hikes

The attack ad that hits Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal for voting for tuition increases as a member of the Arizona Board of Regents isn't going away.

In fact, it's now in Spanish, too.

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The ads, from the Republican Governors Association, essentially place blame on DuVal for college tuition hikes.

DuVal had Anne Mariucci, a Republican who served on the Board of Regents with him, come to his defense and explain that the hikes were only in response to legislative budget cuts.

"I'm a Republican and I need to correct the record about this highly inaccurate political attack on Fred DuVal," she said in a statement. "I worked by Fred's side to save our public universities when the Arizona legislature decimated higher education during the Great Recession. They cut our public universities deeper than any state in the country, forcing tuition increases on Arizona students."

The Republican Governors Association spent $640,000 to get that ad aired on TV in the Phoenix and Tucson markets, and the RGA also got a boost from the Arizona Republic. Strangely, the Arizona Republic gave full credit to the ad, with a four-star "true" rating in its fact check. (Usually, when a fact check includes a "yes, but . .. " explanation, it's not rated as 100 percent true.)

So, as if DuVal wasn't hit hard enough on tuition hikes already, the RGA is branching out to the Spanish-language audience, with a very similar ad in Spanish (the actors are also different).

The initial English ad started running the day after the primary election.

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