Fred Knadler, Arizona Shower Door Owner Accused of Plot to Kill Wife, Praises Sheriff Arpaio in Immigrant-Bashing Letter

Fred Knadler, the Phoenix businessman accused of planning to kill his wife, praises Sheriff Joe Arpaio and rails about crime caused by "illegals" in a letter he sent to the county last month.

Sounding very much like the bigots whose letters were referenced in a recent federal report on racial profiling by Arpaio's deputies, Knadler criticizes the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors alleged lack of support for the sheriff. (What lack of support? Aren't they getting along now?)

"Have you ever gone to our county jail and noticed the great propensity of inmates that have come from nations to the South of Arizona, through this porous border and into our business and residential communities?" wrote Knadler, owner of Arizona Shower Door, who's now being held in county jail on a $2 million cash bond.

The Supervisors simply don't know "how important a sheriff like Joe Apparo is" in the fight against local crime, which "primarily comes from our neighbors to the South," Knadler wrote. "I for one and everyone I know will continue to support Joe Arpaio and reelect him again..."

Knadler's accused of conspiracy for allegedly trying to hire one of his employees to help off his wife, Libby.

(Scroll down for letter.)

In a recording made by the savvy worker, court records state, Knadler, 74, explains how he'll pay the man to hide Libby's car, dig a grave in the desert and bury the body, which would be wrapped in a sheet or plastic.

Knadler's wife had hired an attorney and was planning to divorce him, and the businessman was worried she would cost him millions, records state.

Police arrested Knadler on January 14th, about a month after he sent the December 16 letter to the county.

This guy clearly had a lot on his mind -- which to hate more, wife or "illegals?" In his frenzy, it seems he's confused which governmental body stopped Arpaio from processing illegal immigrants in county jails. Knadler's letter was written a day after news that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau was canceling the federal powers of Arpaio's deputies because of the racial-profiling findings.

"Sheriff Joe Arpaio's current procedure for checking illegals and restraining them from entering our county seems to be appropriate and should be continued without interference or threats," Knadler wrote.

Even an accused maniac like Knadler has his heroes.

Click here for full-screen version of letter.

Knadler Bos Letter

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