How many nuts are left in the 9/11 Accountability can? Ask Kent Knudson.

Free the AZ ACLU's Alessandra Soler Meetze!

It's less than two weeks before the 9/11 Accountability conference is to be held in Chandler, AZ, and a whole week after the AZ ACLU's executive director Alessandra Soler Meetze withdrew her name as a participant. But is still listing her name under its "Confirmed Speaker" roll on the "Program" page, and it still has her photo and bio posted along with other participants. I contacted Meetze. She tells me she still has no plans to attend and has asked Kent Knudson -- the "chief cook" of the conference, as he titles himself -- to remover her name. When I called Knudson, he says he's too busy to take it down and that it might have to wait until after conference. He hung up on me before I asked if he was going to take down Loose Change director Dylan Avery's name and the listing for Avery's production company Louder than Words, since Avery has stated that he will not be there.

When, oh, when will Meetze taste sweet freedom again?

At what point, I wonder, does this negligence become fraud? The 9/11 Accountability people are selling tickets for this three-day kook convention for $129, and already several of their speakers have dropped out due to the participation of Holocaust-denier Eric Williams, author of The Puzzle of Auschwitz. They did take talk radio jock Charles Goyette's name and pic off the site, finally, but they're holding onto Dylan Avery, Louder than Words, and Alessandra Soler Meetze with a deathgrip. What do they want, ransom? Maybe their tardiness in cleaning up their site is incompetence, or maybe they want people to believe these participants are still on the roster. After all, why would they want to advertise the fact they're losing speakers left and right?

Below's Knudson's latest mass e-mail. What's with the envelopes? And do we really want these moonbats hanging around our airports? Hmmm...the conspiracy's "conspiracy" continues...

Volunteer Meeting at Bookmans/Phx (19th Ave / Northern - NW) ............ 6 pm this evening (Mon 2/12)

Agenda items ....................

(1) Begin Volunteer training

(2) Stuffing 1,000 packets and assemble badges, next week

(3) Other ..................

(4) Field trip to airport ..... for anyone who wants to go!!

Kent Chief Cook and .............

PS - Do any of you have a grapefruit and/or orange tree ............. if you could part with some citrus we would appreciate it very much (I love AZ grapefruit) !!

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