Admittedly, Sutton's hotter with a little mascara, which has added for a Gothier look.

Free the V-Day Vampire -- aka, Tiffany "I like to [allegedly] drink blood" Sutton!!!

Following up on my February 16 post My Bloody Valentine: Tiffany Sutton's prior bloodlettings... in which I declare myself a devoted admirer of the Tempe temptress arrested on Valentine's Day for allegedly cutting up a dood after bedding him then informing the lucky fella she wanted to drink his blood, there's now -- get this -- a Tiffany Sutton Web site. The site declares Sutton to be "THAT CRAZY HOT BITCH THAT DRINKS BLOOD!" and whoever's behind it announces his affection for Tiff in no uncertain terms: "I discovered Tiffany on FEB 14th 2007....and have been in love ever since!" The site also pleads for donations so they can fete the witchy woman upon her return from the slammer.

"Help us fly her around and party with her," reads the appeal. "We will post party pics on this site! People who donate automatically get invited."

So far seven persons have given a total of $32.60. The Jerry Lewis Telethon, it ain't. But, hey, the Ottoman Empire wasn't built in a day, and at least I know there are other cats out there obsessed with this knife and pickax-wielding hottie. Do I plan to contribute to the "Tiffany Sutton Fund"? Hell, no. See, I want that wacky piece of ass all to myself, if she'll have me. Problem is now I'll probably have to duel the dood behind this site. I mean, read this passage from the companion blog:

On Feb 14 2007, Tiffany fucked a guy, tied him up, cut him and drank his blood. The dude freed himself and ran out into the street. She then chased him with a pick axe!

HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT PEOPLE???!!! I mean COME ON! So I have started a quest to fly this hot crazy chick all over the place and party with her!

She's mine! I saw her first. Dude, I'll roshambo you for her...

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