Friday Femme Fatale: Sister Kenyattasaurus Rex

The spooky-sexy Sister Kenyattasaurus Rex...

Okay, so last week, I told you we were flippin' the script to Thump Day Diva from Hump Day Honey, and now I'm adding a Friday Femme Fatale, what gives? Jeez, people, I have other stuff to do too, so Monday Mammas and Tuesday Tarts can't be far behind. And what do you care as long as I provide you horndogs with at least one lovely lass per week to salivate over?

This week's felicitous Friday femmebot is torn from the pages of New Times music editor Niki D'Andrea's kick-ass cover story on the impious PHX punk rockers of NunZilla, whose members tear-up the stage in Catholic nun getups, or in the case of the one male member, a priest's collar. Niki showed me some pics from the photo shoot, and I instantly fell for sexy Sister Kenyattasaurus Rex, who makes me want to get down on my knees and pray like I've never prayed before.

The hella-fine Kenyatta is one booful bass player and a voluptuous vocalist who grew up listening to Metallica and Slayer, and has done stints with local punk bands the Cryin' Shames and the Dropouts. Born in Flynt, MI, and raised in the Zona, Kenyatta's a career counselor by day. By night, she's a larger-than-life stage-siren with luxurious, brown-black hair falling forth from her nun's habit, and a slit up her skirt so high it'll make you see Jesus. Thankfully for the male of the species, Kenyatta's divorce became final a couple of days ago, but take it slow, schmos! Kenyatta says she's not in dating mode yet, though she doesn't mind being admired for her pulchridtude during her profane performances.

"I love being dressed up for shows," the Tecate-lovin' temptress tells me. "And as far as music goes, the harder, the faster, the better."

If you long to see Kenyatta in the flesh, and worship her womanly form, NunZilla'll be performing at the Zombie Ball this Saturday night at The Sets in Tempe. And May 5, they'll be celebrating the release of their CD Killing Faith at the Casablanca Lounge. For additional info. on NunZilla, and to peep more of the comely Kenyatta, check out NunZilla's myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/nunzillacomes.

NunZilla comes? Now that's nasty, people...

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