Friend/Hater of New Times Art Olivas Discusses Joe Arpaio-Approved City Council Candidacy With Paper He Loathes

Art "El Tudy" Olivas hates New Times.

He's picketed in front of our building, scolded us for our coverage of former TV pitchman J.D. Hayworth's unsuccessful candidacy in last year's U.S. Senate primary, and called us communists. That said, and despite Art's inability to successfully spell "communist" on his protest signs, we still consider him good people.

Now, he's running for Phoenix City Council, and apparently has the full support of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

"I saw him, he came up to my truck and said 'Art, you're running? You can use my name however you want [to help in your candidacy]," Olivas tells New Times.

Art has interpreted that as a political endorsement.

When asked if he thinks he has a chance at winning, Art says "oh, hell yes! Oh hell yes!"

Art's running against District 7 incumbent Michael Nowakowski, and political newcomer Janet Contreras. Both Art and Contreras are proud members of Arizona's Tea Party.

Art's pretty straightforward when you ask him his thoughts on Nowakowski, his Democratic opponent.

"That S.O.B. said he was gonna be different and he's not," Art says. "We don't need all this big government that we pay for but doesn't do anything. I can go downtown and find graffiti all over the god damn place."

Graffiti is the least of Art's concerns. Taxes, he says, need to be lower.

From some of Art's campaign literature [sic]:

Every tax dollar takes a dollar away from our children. It's heartbreaking to have councilman Michael Nowakowski who supported and insisted on a food tax. Now comes water rate hiking!!!! Our children and seniors need WATER!!! Do we make them pick up aluminum cans because they're on a fixed income? **I DON"T THINK SO** He needs to stop abusing people. Vote Arthur Olivas City Council District 7.

Art says the campaign's going well, and he's even got bipartisan support.

"Half the people who signed my god damn petition are Democrats," Art says.

Visit Art's Facebook page for more information about his campaign.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.