Frogs are revoltin'! Canadian pols bag on the Coyote's Shane Doan

So, like, frogs are hosers, eh? Shane Doan shows the Frenchies his stick.

If you think America's becomming too PC, take a look at doin's up in the Great White North, where makin' fun of frogs will get the Parliament on your ass. By frogs, I mean those cheese-eatin' surrender monkeys over in Francais, or anybody who speaks their friggin' frog language, like they do in parts of Canad'uh. Get this, MP for Toronto Jack Layton, leader of the New Democratic Party in Canada's House of Commons, recently denounced Canada's national hockey team for choosing NHL Phoenix Coyotes forward Shane Doan as captain. His offense? Allegedly spouting off to some French Canadian refs during a game vs. the Montreal Canadiens back in December of '05.

Doan, who was born in Halkirk, Alberta, just led Team Canada to a 6-3 win this Friday over Belarus during the world hockey championship in Moscow, with Doan scoring three of Canada's six goals. But maple-syrup-swilling numbnuts like Jack Layton think Doan's leadership "casts a shadow" over Team Canada. That's because Doan supposedly grumbled, "Fucking French did a good job," in reference to calls by frog referees during that Montreal-Coyotes game a year and a-half ago. He's since denied he said it. This, according to an article in Ontario's The Sudbury Star

Is this retarded or what? Sorry, let me say that in French for the Quebecois: C'est retardeeed, n'est pas? Last time I checked, hockey was the one sport more violent than Rage in the Cage. Christ, hockey fans ain't happy till there's blood on the ice. Plus everybody loves bashing the French (and by extension, Canadian frog-speakers). If Doan said what he claims he didn't say, what are they gonna do, beat him black-and-blue with their baguettes? Force-feed him brie till he croaks? Make him date a French chick with hairy legs and gorilla pits?

Sheesh, Shane Doan's the Don Imus of the Canucks. Don't worry, Shane. PHX loves, ya. Even if your fellow Moosehead-guzzlers don't.

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