Gabrielle Giffords Shooter: Chilling YouTube Video Believed to Be Made by Suspect, 22-Year-Old Jared Loughner; Doctors "Optimistic" Congresswoman Will Survive

Authorities confirm to New Times that the man suspected of shooting U.S. Congresswoman Gabriell Giffords and several others this morning in Tucson is 22-year-old Jared Loughner.

A motive for the shooting is unknown at the moment, and little is known about Loughner.

However, a YouTube video believed to be made by Loughner was discovered this afternoon, in which he makes bizarre references to the "illiterate" constituency in Arizona's 8th Congressional District.

See the video below.

Click here to see more videos believed to be made by Loughner.

Loughner also left a message on his MySpace page saying simply "goodbye friends."

State Senator Linda Lopez told Fox News this afternoon that she was told the shooter is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, but that has not been confirmed by New Times.

At a press conference in Tucson this afternoon, the director of the University Medical Center, where Giffords was taken after the shooting, briefed the media on the status of the congresswoman and the others brought to the hospital.

According to hospital director Pete Rhee, Giffords is out of surgery and in critical condition.

"I'm as optimistic as I can be in this situation," Rhee says.

Giffords was shot in the head and the bullet went "through the brain," Rhee says.

Two people have been confirmed dead following the shooting: Federal Judge John Roll and an unidentified 9-year-old child.

Roll, a University of Arizona grad, was appointed to the bench in 1991 by President George H.W. Bush.

Five other victims are reported to be in critical condition, and five others are reported to be in surgery.

Law enforcement authorities are expected to hold a press briefing at 6 p.m., where we're expected to learn more details about the shooter.

Check back to Valley Fever for updates.

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