Gabrielle Giffords Still Not Told About Extent of Attack

As Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords continues her recovery in a Houston hospital after being shot through the brain during the January 8, shooting rampage in Tucson, she still hasn't been told about the extent of the attack and, presumably, the deaths of six people killed during the rampage.

One of Giffords' aides, Pia Carusone, appeared on CBS' The Early Show this morning and says the congresswoman knows something horrible happened, but has not been told about the severity of the attack.

"Doctors have said it's not really fair, as you can imagine, to tell someone something so tragic and someone that might not have the ability to ask the detailed questions that someone will have when they hear this news," she says.

Giffords has shown tremendous improvement since the attack -- she's been able to stand with the help of hospital staff, move all of her limbs, eat, and carry out simple conversations. Carusone says she'll be given the details of the tragedy, and told about the deaths of aide Gabriel Zimmerman and her friends federal Judge John Roll, when she's "at a higher level of communication," .

Giffords has been mentioned as a possible Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Senator Jon Kyl.

Prior to the shooting, Giffords was said to have been considering a run for the seat, but the deadly attack stalled any further plans. As we mentioned yesterday, Giffords would probably be the best chance the Democrats have at taking the seat -- however, it's a little too soon for local lefties to be putting all their eggs in that basket if they stand any chance at sending a Democrat to the Senate.

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