Gary Smith, Potential NBA Player, Wins One-On-One Red Bull Hoops Tournament. Next Stop: Alcatraz

When the final buzzer sounded, it was Gary Smith who stood victorious.

Smith took first place in the Phoenix qualifier of Red Bull King of the Rock, which we told you about on Friday. Go here if you missed it.

With 64 competitors lacing up their sneakers for a chance to play hoops on Alcatraz, it was Smith who wouldn't be denied.

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The finals saw an interesting matchup as Smith went up against Michael Purdie, his own step-brother (another pair of brothers in Los Angeles also advanced to the finals).

Smith, 22, is 6-feet-6, meaning most of us wouldn't have had a chance against him. He's also training to play in the NBA Developmental league, the minor league of professional basketball.

This probably didn't bode well for the guys who play once or twice a week at the park down the street with their equally unathletic friends.

Here's a list of the seven other finalists from Phoenix who will play at Alcatraz: Michael Purdie (Phoenix), Adam Zook (Tempe), Joseph George (Peoria), Damon Strong (Scottsdale), Leon Azuogu (Scottsdale), Dean Walker Jr. (Phoneix), and Mark Barksdale (Mesa).

Smith gets his trip paid for while the others have to pay their own way. The next stop on the tour is Seattle on Saturday.

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