Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker
Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker

Get in the Ring; Paradise Valley Mayor Explores Run for Governor

Now that Republican Governor Jan Brewer is officially not one of the popular kids in the high school that is state government, Republican gubenatorial hopefuls are starting to come out of the woodwork.

Brewer, whose approval rating is now less than 25 percent, yet still hasn't ruled out running herself, has opened the door for just about anyone to throw his or her hat in the ring.

The latest GOPer to consider running for the state's top spot: Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker.

Parker, who was just elected to the Paradise Valley Town Council last year, filed paperwork with the Secretary of State's office yesterday to form an exploratory committee.

Parker is expected to discuss his potential candidacy at a gathering of Republicans tonight.

The new mayor is in some pretty famous (or should we say infamous) company. Other notable Republicans that have expressed interest in the state's top job are former-Governor and exonerated thief Fife Symington and Sheriff Joe. 


Despite his short tenure as a government official and given the band of bullies also seeking the post, Parker might not be a bad choice.

However, one year in any sort of government to Governor of Arizona? That's quite a leap. With this sort of mounting ego, who knows; Vernon Parker for president 2012? 


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