Gilbert Griego Steals Car, Runs From Police, Doesn't Understand Why He Was Stopped

After stealing a car and speeding away from police, all while intoxicated, Gilbert Griego, who was also wanted on a felony warrant, couldn't figure out why he had been pulled over, according to police.  

Phoenix PD watched Griego make an "abrupt and sudden" turn on 34th Street, and as an officer tailed him, Griego took off. He doubled the speed limit in a 25 mph zone and sparks fell from the back of the car as it bottomed out, according to the police report.

Griego crashed into a bush, crawled to the passenger side, jumped from the car, and ran into a back yard.

When officers caught up, Griego was crouching behind a white trailer, then he hopped a block wall. When police finally arrested him, Griego asked, "Why did you try to pull me over?"

Phoenix PD eventually found a handgun hidden in a bucket by the white trailer Griego had ducked behind and a single bullet to a .38 special in his front-left pant pocket. Officers checked the stolen car and found a gold key in its ignition with "Do not duplicate" etched on it. And because Griego seemed to be intoxicated, PD added suspected DUI to his charges.

Griego was eventually charged with theft of means of transportation, possession of a weapon by prohibited person, burglary by use of master key, resisting arrest, and aggravated DUI. On top of that, Griego's driving privileges previously had been revoked.

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