Glendale High School Student Showed Up to Class Imitating the "Joker"

A student at Glendale's Mountain Ridge High School probably scared the pants off just about everyone yesterday when he showed up to class trying to imitate the Joker, the character from the Dark Knight movie.

Despite reports stating otherwise, Deer Valley Unified School District spokeswoman Heidi Vega tells New Times that the student did not have makeup on his face, but he did have scratches from the corners of his mouth, running up his cheeks, like the Dark Knight villain.

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Obviously, this was not good timing for this kid to dress up as the Joker.

Not even one week removed from a massacre of 26 people -- including 20 children -- at a Connecticut elementary school, yesterday was not the best time to show up to school looking extra creepy, and scaring classmates.

Additionally, it was just five months ago that a man named James Holmes -- who called himself "the Joker" -- allegedly shot about 70 people, killing 12, in a Colorado movie theater during a showing of another Batman movie.

Mountain Ridge High School principal Debra Poulson sent out a phone message to parents last night, explaining that there was a "situation" at the school yesterday, but added that police have found "no credible threat" involving the student.

"Today administration received a tip about a student possibly making a threatening statement to our campus," the message said. "After a school investigation started, the Glendale Police Department were immediately contacted and arrived shortly to the school campus. Many police officers began their own investigation and helped lead with the school investigation. Thus far the police have found no credible threat.

"We have requested additional police to patrol our campus," the message continued. "It's important we keep you updated with the most accurate and correct information and work together to help our students stay focused on learning."

Despite the apparent lack of a threat, it's still creepy.

Vega tells New Times that the student had scratched his own face to create this appearance, and intentionally did it for the purpose of imitating the Joker.

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