Glendale Man, 61, Flew to Georgia for "Computer Role-Playing Conference" -- and to Allegedly Sexually Exploit a 16-year-old Girl

We're not sure which gets a higher rating on our pathetic-o-meter: flying across the country to attend a "computer role-playing conference" or trying to hook up with a 16-year-old girl while you're there.

Either way, a 61-year-old Glendale man allegedly did both and now faces charges of sexual exploitation of a minor.

According to authorities in Long County, Georgia, Ronald Bohlman went to Atlanta last week for a "computer role playing conference."

We're not entirely sure what people do at these types of conferences but it sounds like it's about as cool a Dungeons and Dragons convention.

After the conference, police say Bohlman rented a car and drove to Long County, where he met up with a 16-year-old girl, whom he met online.

'Round midnight on September 8, sheriff's deputies saw what they say was a suspicious vehicle parked in the Rye Patch community of Long County.

Officers approached the car and found Bohlman and the girl. Authorities say they found evidence suggesting there had been some "inappropriate contact" between the two.

Cops interviewed the girl and discovered more evidence of an inappropriate relationship.

It's unclear whether the two had been in contact before Bohlman's trip to Georgia, but authorities are investigating the specifics of the relationship.

While Bohlman's charged with just sexual exploitation of a minor, authorities say more charges could be coming based on the findings of their investigation.

Meanwhile, Bohlman was denied bail and remains in a Long County jail.

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