Glendale Man Allegedly Punches Mom and Girlfriend, Tries to Hide from Cops Under Sink

Putting your hands on a woman is never a good idea (just ask that guy who socked "Snooki" in the face, or state Senator Scott Bundgaard), but Michael Pollard allegedly didn't get that memo.

According to court documents obtained by New Times earlier this week, Pollard punched his own mother in the face at his Glendale home, breaking her nose.

But he wasn't done -- he then pushed her down, fracturing her wrist, as she tried to break her fall.

After beating on his own mother, Pollard then turned to his girlfriend and punched her in the face, breaking her eye socket.

Naturally, the cops showed up to the house, but Pollard barricaded himself inside.

A SWAT team responded to the home, in the 5800 block of West Libby Street, to get him out.

Pollard's hide-and-seek abilities could use some work, though; the SWAT team quickly found him trying to hide under the sink.

Already on probation for trafficking stolen weapons, cops say, Pollard has been arrested several times and has a history of domestic violence.

Pollard faces two felony charges of aggravated assault with serious physical injury.

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