Glendale Official Gets Pay Raise, Allowed to Telecommute -- From Home in Mississippi

Glendale Human Resources Director Alma Carmicle got a bonus and a bump in pay -- at a time when wages were frozen for employees citywide -- and was allowed to remain on Glendale's payroll even though she and her family moved to Mississippi.

The Arizona Republic reported that Carmicle "received a nearly $14,000 bonus last year, and a nearly 8.6 percent salary increase to $151,111 this July. A month later, Alma Carmicle began telecommuting from her new home in Mississippi, working by phone and e-mail when she isn't on a return visit to Glendale."

Sure, telecommuting has its advantages, including a positive impact on the environment, but managing human-resources responsibilities from more than 1,500 miles away ...?

In the story, the Republic says Mayor Elaine Scruggs was "surprised" to learn about the arrangement between Carmicle and City Manager Ed Beasley, who recently, if not quietly, announced his retirement

"It is a rather astounding arrangement as far as I am concerned. Perhaps there is a sound reason for Ms. Carmicle being given the opportunity to work from another state and I look forward to hearing what that is," Scruggs tells the daily.

We're sure the rest of the employees and Glendale taxpayers are also interested in learning more about that "sound reason" for such a generous pay increase and work arrangement for one of the city's top officials.

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Monica Alonzo
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