Glendale Woman Offers Cops $5,000 If They'll Let Her Off on Charges She Bit Sister

Some people are better at getting themselves out of trouble than others.

Salma Rafik Hourieh is not one of those people.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office was called to the 6600 block of West Laurel Avenue yesterday to deal with a fight between Hourieh and her sister.

The sisters had gotten into an argument. Hourieh claimed her sister had pulled her hair and punched her in the back, which led her to bite her sister back on the arm.

Her sister says they had gotten into an argument when Hourieh bit her on the arm and began smashing "nearly everything in her room." Hourieh busted holes in the walls by throwing household items.

After police photographed the bite marks on the sister, and the holes in the wall, Hourieh was taken into a marked squad car, where she offered $1,000 to the policeman if he would just let her go.

When that didn't work, Hourieh offered the officer $1,000 to not take her to jail.

As any good negotiator knows, never accept the first offer, which the officer didn't. Too bad for Hourieh, he didn't accept the second offer, or the third, or even the fourth.

After her initial offer, as the officer checked the tightness of her handcuffs, Hourieh offered him $5,000 three times if he would just let her go.

Hourieh claimed she was joking after the honest officer rejected her alleged bribes. She's since been charged with bribery.

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