Estrella Thorn threw a tantrum after tossing her one-month-old baby across a room.
Estrella Thorn threw a tantrum after tossing her one-month-old baby across a room.

Glendale Woman Throws One-Month-Old Baby Across Room -- and Then Just Went Berserk

A Glendale woman thought it would be a good idea to toss her one-month-old son across a room and onto a bed Wednesday night, and she probably wouldn't be in as much trouble as she's in today had she not gone completely berserk on everyone around her afterward.

Police responded to a call at a home at 6932 West Palo Verde Drive in Glendale about 10:30 Wednesday night. Officers were met by the grandmother of 21-year-old Estrella Thorn, who told them her granddaughter had picked up the baby by the back of his clothes and thrown him across the room. The baby wasn't hurt, but began to cry after he was launched onto the bed.

Inside the house, Thorn was told to stay in her bedroom as officers spoke with the grandmother and other family members. Thorn, however, wasn't in the mood.

She came out of the bedroom and started arguing with family members in front of police. The cops told her to stop screaming and go back to her room.

Officers told her if she continued to go ballistic she'd be arrested for disorderly conduct.

Thorn continued with her tantrum and cops made good on their word -- she was arrested and taken to the Glendale City Jail.

At the jail, Thorn told officers she had back and neck problems, and needed medical attention. She was taken to Maryvale Hospital, where the tantrum continued -- this time directed at a nurse trying to help her.

Thorn got to the hospital and immediately started screaming that nothing was wrong with her -- this after forcing police to provide her with medical attention -- the nurse told police later. She demanded she be removed from a backboard and then tore the C-spine collar off her neck and threw it at the nurse.

Thorn was booked on one count of child abuse, and one count of disorderly conduct. After she was taken into custody, Thorn told officers if she was released she'd take her children and leave the state -- that should be (ahem) helpful when making the case for bail.

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