Glendale Woman Wakes Up to Find Michael Thorson's Fingers in Her Vagina

When a Glendale woman awoke from a vodka and Xanax-inspired nap Thursday night, 56-year-old Michael Thorson was in the town house she's sharing with a friend -- and his fingers were in her vagina.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the 53-year-old victim and her female roommate were at the pool at their complex of town houses on Northern Avenue in Glendale, which is where they met Thorson, who also lives in the complex.

The two women -- as well as Thorson -- had been drinking. The victim later told police she saw Thorson drink at least eight beers in about three hours as she and her friend drank vodka and juice.

The three went back to the women's town house where they ordered food and continued to drink. Then the victim decided to throw some Xanax into the mix, which caused her and her friend to pass out with a still-conscious Thorson in their town house.

The victim was wearing only a night shirt and underwear. When she woke up, Thorson's hand was under her night shirt, and his fingers were in her vagina.

The victim then kicked Thorson out of her house.

The next morning, the victim called police and told them about the sexual assault. With police listening in, she called Thorson and got him to admit to getting a little grabby while she was passed out the night before.

Thorson acknowledged that he put his fingers in the sleeping woman's vagina, and that he was sorry.

Thorson was arrested at his home later that day. He again admitted to police that he'd assaulted the woman, and continued to apologize.

Thorson was booked on one count of sexual assault.  

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