Go Daddy "See What Happens Next" Super Bowl Ad Causes Huge Spike in Web Traffic

If there is any doubt that Super Bowl ads are worth the hefty price-tag, just ask the folks at Scottsdale-based Go

Go Daddy is known for its edgy ads, where chestically blessed women come to the brink of toplessness before the ad cuts out and a voice advises viewers that if they want to "see what happens next," they have to go to the company's Web site. During Go Daddy's Super Bowl ads, people did exactly that.

Take a look at the company's Web traffic chart determined by content delivery provider Akamai.


That giant spike just before 10 p.m. came shortly after a record 106 million people watched brunet IndyCar babe Danica Patrick get a massage from an equally hot blonde. Just as the blonde rips her shirt off to reveal a tank-top with the Go Daddy logo covering a very happenin' pair of boobs, the ad ends with the advice to go to Go for more

In the full version of the ad, the white-shirted blonde dances around Patrick and as luck should have it, she falls into a swimming pool, making the white shirt almost transparent. Check it out below.

We're not exactly sure what Danica Patrick and scantily clad women have to do with Web site development, but after watching the ad, we all of a sudden sudden find ourselves in need of a new domain name.

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