GoDaddy Removing Page From Hamas Children's Web Site; Arabic Expert Thinks Whole Site Needs Deletion

GoDaddy.com, the Scottsdale-based domain name seller, tells New Times it will remove at least one page from a children's Web site reportedly run by Hamas.

After New Times blogged about the site and called GoDaddy -- which hosts the site -- for comment yesterday, researchers at the company determined one page on the site contained "offensive" content and would be taken down, says Nick Fuller, a GoDaddy spokesman.

Laura Mansfield, an experienced Arabic interpreter who made headlines in 2004 when she downloaded who was part of a team that claims to have first downloaded the Nick Berg beheading video from a terrorist Web site, says she will work with GoDaddy over the next several days and share her research about the children's site.

"They need to remove the entire site," Mansfield, who lives in South Carolina, tells New Times in a phone interview on Tuesday. "The site is run by Hamas and I can prove that."

Manfield's an interesting character: In her gentle southern accent, she describes herself as a working mom who has the only 10-year-old on the block who can talk knowledgeably about Ayman al Zawahiri. In reaction to the 9-11 terror attack, Mansfield -- already fluent in Arabic from a nine-year stint living in Cairo -- began linguistic surveillance of Middle Eastern terrorist Internet sites. She's also gone undercover in mosques, eavesdropping on plans to spook airline passengers or spread the word of Allah.

Fuller, the GoDaddy representative, says his company is working with the owner of the site to remove the offensive page and will do further research.

"One of our reputations is that we do take care of this stuff," he says. -- Ray Stern

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