Terry Goddard
Terry Goddard

Goddard Named as Partner in National Task Force to Fight Mortgage Fraud


Terry Goddard is one of 10 attorney generals across the country to take part in a task force with federal authorities against mortgage fraud.

Rob McKenna, Washington's AG, is co-chair with Iowa's AG, Tom Miller, in the "unprecedented partnership" of federal and state authorities to target fraudsters in an industry that helped bring the country's economy to its knees. The task force, according to a news release from McKenna's office, will enforce "both fair practices and civil rights," and "take on equity skimmers, foreclosure rescuer schemers, straw purchasers and unethical lenders who deceive or discriminate."

Goddard announced in July his office was participating in "Operation Loan Lies," which draws on federal and state enforcement resources targeting scammers who prey on people struggling to keep their houses.


No doubt, the task force will find plenty of crooks to punish. But does anyone else think this kind of thing is like closing the proverbial barn door after the burros have already run out?


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