Goldwater Institute Legislative Report Card Released; Russell Pearce Gets an "A-" in "Protecting Freedom"

The Goldwater Institute released its annual legislative report card today, and as a whole, our legislators earned a big fat "C" when it comes to "protecting freedom."

The report looks at 305 bills regarding education, constitutional government, regulation, and tax and budget. To be considered a bill that "protects freedom," it must basically keep the state government's grubby little fingers out of citizens day-to-day lives, or promote choices and create competition in regard to education.

Goldwater spokeswoman Becky Bracken says the report -- for the most part -- is an objective look at policies that either promote freedom and limited government, or don't.

"Clearly there are some judgment calls," she says.

Ya think? Russell Pearce got an "A-" in "protecting freedom."

The report doesn't just rate the Legislature as a whole but individual legislators, too. Check them all out here.

On the Senate side, Senator Linda Lopez was at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to "protecting freedom," with a grade of "F," and somehow, Pearce ranked number two on the list of freedom lovers.

Also at the top of the list is Senator Pam Gorman, who pouted off the floor of the Senate and quit her leadership position last summer, when things didn't go her way.

After Gorman -- absentee Senator Chuck Gray. You may recall that Gray, in the middle of key budget negotiations in August, decided to go on a Caribbean cruise. Gray also got an A-.

Can we just mention that despite this Legislature's below-average interest in "protecting freedom," we still have no budget? Just throwin' that out there.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.