Arena, where the Phoenix Coyotes play. Arena, where the Phoenix Coyotes play.

Goldwater Institute "Not Ruling Out" Legal Action Against Phoenix Coyotes and Glendale

The Goldwater Institute has submitted a public records request to the City of Glendale, asking for information on lease negotiations between it and the Phoenix Coyotes.

Goldwater attorney Clint Bolick told the Phoenix Business Journal that the institute is not ruling out legal action regarding the lease terms between the Coyotes and Arena in Glendale, and wants to examine whether the terms violate state gift laws.

The Coyotes were behind in rent to the arena for seven months when media caught wind of the fact a couple weeks ago, and noted that the team was not being charged any fees or penalties. Last week, the Coyotes paid up their lease, but the Goldwater Institute still plans to investigate any incentives in lease negotiations.

Glendale city officials say they don't believe the Goldwater Institute will uncover anything illegal. The Phoenix Coyotes were not available for comment.


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