Good News: Wendell Workman Found Alive and Well

The search for missing senior Wendell Workman has been suspended for a good reason: he was found alive and well early this morning.

Workman, 71, was reported missing yesterday. The last time he was seen was about 5 a.m., when his son, who was taking care of him, went to work. Another one of his son's went to check on him a few hours later and he -- and his car -- were gone.

Workman, police say, has not been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease by a doctor, but his sons tell investigators he shows signs of the disease -- they say he often gets lost.

Workman had been talking about visiting his brother in Phoenix, but police checked it out and he wasn't there. His brother told police he hadn't heard from him.

We just got word from the Mesa Police Department that Workman's been located and is in good shape.

He was found about 4 a.m. today by the Ft. McDowell Police Department parked along the side of the road.

The Mesa Police Department wants to thank the public for helping track down Workman. 

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James King
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