GOP Candidate Scared of "Middle Easterners" in U.S., Especially Since They "Look Mexican"

Republican congressional candidate Gabriela Saucedo Mercer would prefer that people like Jesus Christ or Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not come to the United States -- "legally or illegally" -- because they're "Middle Easterners."

Those ideas came out of her mouth in an interview from a year ago, which was posted yesterday by her opponent, Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva.

See, the problem is, "Middle Easterners" look a whole lot like Mexicans, according to Saucedo Mercer, so it's hard to tell who the actual "Middle Easterners" are.

"If you know Middle Easterners, a lot of them, they look Mexican or they look, you know, like a lot of people in South America, dark skin, dark hair, brown eyes," she said. "And they mix. They mix in."

And what about those Mexican-looking "Middle Easterners"?

"And those people, their only goal in life is to, to cause harm to the United States," she said. "So why do we want them here, either legally or illegally?"

It's probably a surprise to Saucedo Mercer, but "Middle Easterner" isn't a synonym for "terrorist," nor do all "Middle Easterners" look like Mexicans or South Americans.

See, the Middle East also includes countries that the United States doesn't want to bomb the shit out of, like Israel, some African nations, as well as a few former Soviet Union countries.

Saucedo Mercer's also a Mexican immigrant who gained U.S. citizenship in 1991, so she clearly has that "Middle Easterner" look to her, according to her logic.

Saucedo Mercer's response to the video, which she posted on Facebook, is that the video Grijalva posted was "EDITED" from several different interviews. The original interview can be found in its entirety here if there are any further questions about that.

Saucedo Mercer's husband told Talking Points Memo that his wife may have misspoken.

You can find the selected portion of Saucedo Mercer's severe confusion in the video below, uploaded by Grijalva's campaign:

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