GOP Delegate in Kingman Police Chase Says She Wasn't Running From the Cops, She Was Just Running From the Cops

Sharon Holmes -- the state GOP delegate accused of pulling a gun on a repo man before losing a police chase to the Kingman cops last week -- offered the Kingman Daily Miner an extremely poor denial to the accusations.

Holmes, 68, reportedly wrote in an email that she didn't run from Kingman police, but proceeded to explain exactly how she ran from Kingman police.

Holmes apparently took it out on the collections agents for her inability to keep up with the payments on her Jeep, as police say she brought her gun out to confront them.

According to an account from the Kingman Police Department, Holmes "pointed a handgun and threatened the agents."

By the time officers showed up, Holmes had barricaded herself in her car, which was already hooked up to the tow truck.

While it was still hooked up to the truck, police say Holmes started up her Jeep and managed to detach her car from the tow truck after dropping it into four-wheel drive, "narrowly miss[ing] officers who jumped out of the way of being struck by the vehicle."

Cops say Holmes led police on a chase, which lasted about two miles before her car broke down.

According to the cops, Holmes caused "substantial damage" to what used to be her car, as well as the tow truck.

Again, Holmes denies that she was running from the po-lice.

As she explained it to the Miner:

When the police refused to listen to me, I dropped the Jeep into 4WD Low and hit the gas with the power of that Hemi engine, and broke loose from the unmarked tow truck, went around two police cars just arriving on the scene, and took off into the County with them in pursuit.

One more time -- she still denies running from the cops.

She went on to say she was a better pursuit driver than any of the cops, she's suing everyone, and some other gems of crazy you can check out over at the Miner.

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