Kramer introduces "The Bro"
Kramer introduces "The Bro"

Got Man-Boobs? Not to Worry, a Phoenix Department Store Debuts a Bra for Men

Anyone familiar with Seinfeld knows about "The Bro," or, as Frank Costanza vehemently campaigned, "The Mansierre."

"The Bro," as described on the show, is a supportive undergarment to support and hide a man's breasts -- or, simply put, a bra for men.

It seems fiction has once again invaded reality, because a man-bra is now available at a Valley department store.

As of yesterday, anyone with a case of man-boobs can go to Saks Fifth Avenue in Phoenix and pick up an Equmen Wondershirt, a supportive undergarment for men.

Like most strange products in need of an American market, the Wondershirt is billed as a "massive success in Europe," and according to Equmen, the company that created the man-bra, it doesn't just hide flab, it offers health benefits, too.

The real-life "Bro" costs $89 and is said to relieve back pain, improve posture, and provide a slimmer appearance.

In reality, the Wondershirt appears to be little more than an extra-tight wife-beater with straps on the back.

"The Wondershirt is great for special occasions when men need to make a confident impression -- job interview, wedding, date, prom or reunion," says Equmen spokesman Michael Flint.

Maybe so -- but at 90 bucks a pop, it sounds to us like this thing just crams 20 pounds of shit into a 10-pound bag to conjure up the illusion of fitness.


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