Governor Goddard? New Poll Has AG Looking Good in Race for Governor

Here we are more than a year away from gubernatorial elections, and pollsters are already hard at work.

According to a poll released today by Public Policy Polling, Attorney General Terry Goddard would crush any likely opponent in next year's election.

The poll matched Goddard against sitting Governor Jan Brewer, former-Governor Fife Symington, and State Treasurer Dean Martin, and Goddard beats all three by anywhere from 8 to 23 percentage points.

The Fifester, at this point, should probably stay in the kitchen as a pastry chef, as he comes out the biggest loser among the triumvirate of political twerps the GOP has to offer.

The poll finds that if the election were held today, Goddard would trounce Symington 52-29 percent.

Our current fearless leader, Brewer, whose approval rating is currently barely above sea level, didn't do much better.

Brewer, according to the poll, would get stomped by the AG 46-36 percent if the polls were open today.

Treasurer Dean Martin, the great white hope for the fledgling GOP, fares the best against Goddard, but even his chances are nothing to write home about.

Martin would lose to Goddard 45-37 percent, according to the poll.

This can be partly attributed to the fact that nobody knows who the hell he is, despite sharing the same name as the Rat Pack crooner of old.

The poll found that 54 percent of voters don't know enough about Martin to even form an opinion.

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