Governor Jan and the Brew Crew Postpone Trip to Mexico in Order to Continue Budget Talks

In what was a surprise move Tuesday, Governor Jan Brewer postponed a scheduled trip to Mexico to attend the Annual Border Governors Conference, and will be staying in Phoenix to work on the budget.

Attention to the viscounts of vacations, Senators Gorman and Gray: Write that down.

There was growing speculation that the Governor was about to concede the now two-month-old budget battle, and sign a deal she vetoed back in July.

Apparently, there is still a little fight left in the Governor, as she aims to finally put an end to the high stakes hooliganism that has plagued state government for the last two months.

Brewer spokesman Paul Senseman says that the Governor has made no decision regarding the budget, but postponing her trip indicates that she is looking to continue negotiating.

The Governor has been holding bipartisan discussions all week, and skeptics are saying it may be so she can sign the bill, and then blame the fallout on Democrats.

"Democrats have made significant compromises and Republicans have made next to no compromise," House Minority Leader David Lujan tells the Arizona Guardian. "I just think that she is looking for Democrats to support a budget that we had absolutely no input in creating."

Don't worry Jan, we trust your sincerity. It's not that we don't think you have it in you to want to falsely cast the Dems in a bad light; we just don't think you're cunning enough to actually do it.

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